An Ode for a Home Server

Here’s to my home server. An HP Microserver N36L that is running ESX 5.5 and hosts my media, web, NAS and OpenVPN servers: All the data disks are passed through using raw device mapping to FreeNAS which then treats them as JBOD for RAIDZ1. This is fine given that I don’t think of RAIDZ as … [Read more…]

Connecting the dots …

Back when I joined VMware in 2012, I had used VMware’s ESX but not extensively enough to realize the value that this product brings to a data center. As a system admin in a previous life, I found it extremely handy to be able to manage virtual machines versus managing actual physical servers. At Columbia … [Read more…]

Starting out with GNU Radio

I have always been interested in amateur radio; back in India, we never had much exposure since my city did not have a ham radio club. I remember setting up a random wire antenna and connecting it up at the roof on the sixth floor of the apartment we lived in. I could receive Germany, … [Read more…]

First post ..

Thanks to a generous colleague at work who wanted to get rid of his HP MicroServer, I finally got around to getting a domain name, and hosting my web server from home. Right now I have it as a Ubuntu Server VM hosted on ESX 5.5 which incidentally also hosts my MediaTomb media server.  At … [Read more…]