Abhishek Srivastava

vmkernel engineer @ VMWare
Email: abhishek [AT] asrivas [DOT] me
If you would like to send me an encrypted email, use my PGP key.

About Me

I have been working with VMWare on the ESXi product (specifically in the vmkernel group) for the past 4 years. My work has centered around a variety of projects pertaining to synchronization primitives, logging and most recently, around adding support for RDMA in the vmkernel. Before joining VMWare, I was a graduate student at Columbia University in New York, NY. Some of the courses I took at Columbia were:

I completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune in 2009. Before I rejoined grad school in Fall 2010, I worked at Avaya Labs in India, mostly on applications for improving remote failure diagnosis of Avaya products.

I interned at Google during the summer of 2011. My project over the summer consisted of analysing and developing probability distributions to model Google's backend processes so that they could be replayed in Linsched (a framework that ran the linux kernel scheduler in user space). This framework was later released to the open source community.

Research Projects at Columbia University

Teaching Experience

I was a TA for Search Engine Technology and Social Networks from A Systems Point of View in Spring 2011 at Columbia University.


  • HomeLab: Servers have always fascinated me. I host my own web and mail servers and love spending time on building up my homelab bit by bit.
  • Ham Radio: I have an Amateur Extra license and I am usually active on VHF / UHF with the callsign K6ASR.
  • Sport: I try to swim atleast once a week; in the summers, I like going swimming out in the open (lakes and watering holes). I also like traveling, hiking and playing tennis.
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